Arts & Crafts

A busy area offering a variety of art and craft projects, including sewing, knitting, quilting, beadwork, making bags, cushions, and teddy bears. Some service users also enjoy sequin art, engraving, card making as well as painting, drawing, printing, and other canvas-based projects.

The Art & Craft area is well loved by service users and some amazing work is produced. There is always a feeling of calm and relaxation in this creative area. Each service user has the choice of working on an individual piece of work or to be part of a group project.  Service users also get involved in big projects for special times of the year.

All service users are encouraged to work towards independence in whatever project they are doing. Some service users like to help others around them who are less able than themselves. The therapeutic value of creativity is of great benefit to all our service users. This is especially evident in those service users who are unable or find it difficult to express their feelings verbally. The atmosphere of quiet contentment in the Arts & Crafts area reflects the service user’s pleasure in their work.  Whatever work a service user is doing, they are experiencing working closely with others. Some service users enjoy this, it helps with communication and social skills, while others prefer a little space of their own.


If you are interested in attending our Centre and would like to find out more then, please contact us on 01227 478564 or email us at We will book a visit for you to have a walk around the farm and our wonderful site.