Visitor Information

What to do if you would like to attend our Day Centre …

If you think you would like to attend the Centre, then please get in touch and we can arrange for you to come and see us and get a feel for what we do here.  You will get the chance to have a walk around the farm and have a tour of our wonderful site.   Visits are usually booked for 10.30 am or 1.30 pm.

If you then decide that you would like to apply to attend our Centre, you can take an application pack away with you. This needs to be filled out carefully as the service user’s personal details, plus any information that will help our staff to provide the right support, are essential. Also, we request that a support plan be completed by the family/advocate together with the person wishing to attend, this will help us to set in place the best package of individual care required.

Following the visit, the service user/family/advocate needs to contact their care manager to inform them that they would like to have a taster day with the possibility of attending the John Graham Centre. Once the placement has been arranged by the care manager and we have collected all the necessary forms and information then the service user can start attending.

Please contact us to arrange a visit or to ask any questions. Either call us on 01227 478564 or email us at

We hold Coffee Mornings on the last Friday of every month, 10.30 – 12.00. Come and join us, there is always plenty of cake to choose from and raffle prizes to be won.

Working in Partnership

The John Graham Centre likes to work closely with families and in partnership with any professionals or other organisations, be it voluntary or statutory, to the best benefit of the service users attending the Centre.

The John Graham Centre takes great pride in the service it provides and is on the official framework of Social Services for the provision of a day service.

Each person attending the Centre has regular reviews and assessment meetings with their care manager, staff from the Centre and a family member/advocate. Reports are then compiled detailing individual progress, choices made and, goals attained. The frequency of the reviews is dependent on the need of each individual service user.

Risk Assessment

All our service users are risk assessed individually to ensure that all staff are aware of the service users’ needs. Risk assessments are reviewed every year or sooner if there is a change in the service users’ needs. We also carry out risk assessments for each area of the Centre making sure that staff are aware of the procedure to avoid putting our service users at risk.

Working on the Farm – Safety

All our service users working on the farm are counted and registered every day. The farm is also well secured, and we do have a very strict policy about service users and visitors going in and out. Visitors are always greeted by our receptionist and follow a strict policy while they are on site.

Tetanus Immunisation

It is important that staff and existing service users keep up to date with their tetanus immunisation.

It is a requirement that service users must be up to date with their tetanus immunisation before starting at The John Graham Centre as they will be working in a farm environment.


If you are interested in attending our Centre and would like to find out more then, please contact us on 01227 478564 or email us at We will book a visit for you to have a walk around the farm and our wonderful site.